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Below are tools used to help eradicate recent spyware, malware, and viruses
that may be effecting your computer. Please use them wisely.
We recommend using AVAST! antivirus home for your home computer systems.
We have found the scans to clean problems from computer systems very thoroughly.

Free AntiVirus Protection


Scans for
Malicious Programs


Cleans Out
Cookies and Temp Files

Spybot Search&Destroy
TrendMicro Housecall

Trend MicroHouseCall

If you are frustrated with the complications of these programs. . .

Please call your professional computer technician about these services.

Beware of "IE Antivirus" and "XP Antivirus". Both of these programs are viruses and try to charge you money to remove them. Scan your computer with the above mentioned cleaners and scanners.

Warning! Don't open it!  

Parents beware of your children's online activity. There have been reports of children accessing popular social network sites that can lead to sex crimes. One of the most popular Social Network web sites is "". This web site has caught a lot of attention from both children and the news media. To help with this problem we recommend locating your family computer in a high traffic area of your home where you can see their activity at a glance and install a good parental controls program. Below are some articles that have been posted from different news shows warning parents of these problems.


CBS News


About Parenting & Family

Be wary of e-mail attachments that say they are a post card or greeting card sent from a friend. They could be carrying a virus that could be spread to not just you but to all of your e-mail contacts as well.

As for web sites, you are taking a risk by opening adult web sites or clicking on advertisements that flash on your screen. It is always good to close these popup's by clicking on the 'X' in the upper right of the popup or right clicking on the popup in your lower task bar and selecting close.

There are very large risks of downloading a virus from someone else's computer by using P2P web sites or shareware like Limewire, Kazaa, BearShare, etc. . .

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